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Why use TEAMS for MOODLE?

  • Teams will allow students and staff to connect for tutoring and collaboration
  • Teams will give you access to all the Microsoft 365 Apps in one space
  • Teams will provide you announcements and calendars for the course

Trouble Shooting


This sometimes happens if you forget to LOGOUT at the end of your work session or if you accidentally clicked in the Username/Password fields.  You need to either CLEAR the history of your browser OR restart your computer.
Make sure there isn't a window in the back ground asking you to login to Office 365 - your Username and Login for Microsoft will give you access to Office 365.  Access to Office 365 online gives you access to login to MOODLE.
It will give me access to MOODLE, ONLINE office 365 and allow you to DOWNLOAD and use Office 365 (word, exel etc...) for free.
It usually consists of your "lastnamefirstname" (no capitals) and your password is your student number.   If you don't know your student number please contact us:  1-888-533-3830