Introductory Assignment

Introductory Assignment for English 9

Now that you have read the poem, story and comic strip, you are ready to start your composition.

If you took some notes while you were reading over the selections, get them out now.

Your assignment is to respond to the ideas presented in the poem, story and comic strip that you read. Though you are expected to connect these works, you are not solving a puzzle.  Instead, your task is to make sense of these pieces on your own terms.


  • start your paragraph with a topic sentence
  • develop your response to the ideas in these pieces
  • reference at least two of the works either directly or indirectly
  • wrap up your paragraph with a conclusion

Your paragraph will be marked according to the paragraph rubric.

After completing your paragraph, include a picture that represents your composition.  This might be a drawing that you have done, a photo you have taken or a picture that you found online or elsewhere. Your picture should come after your paragraph, be on the left hand side of the page and be no larger than a quarter of the page.  The image file size should not be more than 200kb.

Your assignment will be formatted in a word-processor such as Word or Google Docs. Put the title "English 9 - Introductory Assignment" at the top as well as your name and the completion date.

When you save the document, name the file "your name + introassignment," then save it as a .doc or .rtf.  So, the document name will look like "rjones.introassignment.doc" but replacing "rjones" with your name.

If you have questions about this assignment, ask your teacher, who is always there for help.








total = 26 marks