Short assignment - Postcard from a distant land

Postcard from a distant land

If you have ever picked up a postcard addressed to someone else, you have likely tried to figure out the story behind it. Postcards invite this speculation by displaying interesting locales on their front accompanied by brief messages on the reverse. You can't help but wonder who is in Paris right now or why someone is off in the tropics looking at colourful birds.

For this assignment, you will write a postcard that tells a story in just a few sentences. You will hint at people, places and events, leaving the reader to piece together the story underneath. First, look below to see what the parts of the postcard are called.

postcard example

Criteria and Marking

This assignment will be marked out of 12 according to the short assignment rubric (x3)


Your postcard will include a

  • date
  • salutation
  • main body of three sentences
  • closing
  • signature

It must be properly addressed to a person though you can make up the address and name of the recipient.


It will also:

  • mention an exotic location
  • refer to the image on the reverse.
  • include at least one figure of speech.
  • reveal a situation that is either funny or tragic

You must include an image for the front of your postcard.  You can either use a picture you have taken, draw a picture, or find a picture online.  The picture might include the name of the location, but doesn't need to.

You can format this in a word-processor then submit as a document or pdf. If you would like to create this by hand, talk to your teacher about handing it in. 

Below is an example.  Click on the image for a larger pdf file.