Reading response journal

As you read Haroun and the Sea of Stories, you will keep track of your understanding with a two-sided reading response journal. 

Here is how it works.  For each chapter, you will be keeping track of facts and responses in point form.

Facts all relate to characters, setting and plot.  Here you will keep track of new characters who are introduced, character developments and changes as well as interesting interactions between characters. You will note when the setting changes or if significant objects are introduced.  You will also keep track of all major events. 

On the other side of the journal, you will respond to what is happening in the chapter.  You will write in sentences, commenting on what you notice, asking questions, connecting the story to your life and engaging with the novel in any way that you can. 

There is no minimum or maximum length for each chapter response as this will vary from person to person.  You will need to write something for each chapter.  Your final document will be at least a few pages but no more than ten. 

You can download the template below, keeping in mind that there is not enough space for each entry.  If you wish to complete this by hand and your teacher approves, then use the template but print out a page for each chapter knowing that you will not need to fill each one.

This will be marked out of 12 according to the two sided reading response rubric found below.

This is formatted as a .doc which you can open in Word, Libre Office or Google Docs.