Unit 3B - Major Assignment

You now have a wealth of experience with a variety of authors who tell stories by referring back to the stories themselves.  You have been reading a lot.  It is time to get writing.

Read through both of the options below then decide which will work best for you.  In either case, you will be following the writing process that you learned earlier in the course.  You should remember the acronym POWER for prewriting, organizing, writing, editing and rewriting. 

Be sure to discuss this with your teacher as you work through it.  Your teacher may want to see an outline or rough draft before you go on to the next step.

Your story will be marked out of 40 according to the story-writing rubric (x2).

Option A - Write your own frame story

Your frame story will borrow from at least three familiar tales but the frame itself will be of your invention.

You will start with a prologue that will create the reason for the frame then set the stage for the tales to follow.  Keep in mind that the frame must itself be a story.  The characters and setting should be developed.  You need to provide a reason to keep the reader reading.

Though the embedded stories will be recognizable, each will be a retelling. You can't just copy and paste. For the purposes of this assignment, they will be abbreviated. Also, as long as they are recognizable, you have free-license to change characters, setting and plot details. 

One requirement is that you include at least one story that you have read in this course. It can be either fiction or non-fiction.

Other than that, you can borrow from fairy tales, popular fiction, current events, TV shows, cartoons, as well as films.  The more that you mix it up, the more interesting it will be.

You will need to refer back to the frame between each story.  The conclusion must provide some resolution to the frame.

In total, your story will be 1000-2000 words. 

Option B - Write a remix hero journey

For this story, your plot will be based on the hero journey.  Your task here is to make reference to at least three other familiar stories in a similar way to to that employed by Salman Rushdie. One of the stories that you must make reference to is Haroun and the Sea of Stories.

Here is a recap of the hero journey.  Your character is a youth who is stranded in a strange land all alone. He or she must embark on a journey to find the king who is the only one who can provide the solution to a pressing problem.  Along the way, your hero will befriend several helpful people.  Your hero will take part in a battle, will journey to the underworld and will fall in love before being able to return home.

Your story will contain familiar characters, plot devices, and lessons learned but it will feel like a fresh telling of an original story.  As above, you don't have to stick with tradition, but can include references to elements from any form of media such as pop music, athletics, comic books as well as classic and contemporary fiction. 

Your final draft will be about 800-1000 words.