Unit 4 - Major Assignment

For this unit, you will read a graphic novel then you will try your hand at writing a graphic narrative yourself.

Step 1 - Graphic Novel Study

As you read your graphic novel, you will keep track of your understanding by completing the individual graphic novel study.

Download this worksheet by clicking on the icon below.

Your graphic novel study will be marked out of 30 marks or two marks for each question.  

Step 2 - Writing your graphic narrative

You have already had a chance to write a few stories in this course.  Here, you will use the same process, but you are going to write using pictures as well.  If you are a gifted artist, now is your time to shine.  Challenged by stick figures? Not to worry.  

Keep in mind that your primary purpose here is to tell a story while marrying images and text.  Let words do what they do best.  Let the images speak for themselves.  Keep both as simple as possible.  

You are the main character in your story.  Well, at least the character has your name, gender and age.  

Choose from one of these writing prompts. Your character:

  •  tells a white lie that gets bigger and bigger. 
  •  writes a love note that gets into the wrong hands.
  •  has to do a friend a favour of which his or her parents would disapprove. 
  • or another plot which you have approved with your teacher. 

You will tell your story in between six and nine panels. You can use this template here or create your own.  Otherwise, you can use a program such as ComicLife, BitStrips, or a website such as Storyboard That.  Keep in mind that some websites will ask you to register. Your easiest bet is to draw this out, but if you really can't, you have options. 

You should have at least one other character and should include hints of scenery and setting. The story should be resolved by the end. 

As usual, you must have a title and your name on the assignment itself. If this is hand-drawn, you can either scan it then upload or hand in a hard copy.  


Narrative - marked out of 40 (story rubric x.2)

Visuals - marked out of 12 (visual design rubric x2)

Total = 52 marks