Readings for Introductory module

How to do this assignment

So, now you are ready to dive into this course.

Your first assignment is to write a paragraph in response to the pieces that you will be reading on the next few pages. You will find a poem, a story, and a comic strip. 

Look for an arrow like this to your top right.

This will take you to the next page with the first reading, a poem by e. e. cummings called "o by the by" (That isn't a typo, just the way he used capitalization). 

Now look for the table of contents, also to your right.

This shows the titles for all of the pages in this book.  If you like, you can click on the page called "Peanuts comic strip" now, then click back on "How to do this assignment" to get back here.

Read through all of the selections once to get a sense of them, then have a closer look, this time trying to make connections.  You might want to jot down some notes for the assignment.

You will then need to open a word-processor to compose your paragraph in which you respond to the ideas in each of the pieces. You will be asked to include a picture that supports your ideas.

You will then be shown how to upload your assignment to the course. Voila, you're done!

Now onto that poem.