Little Brother

Sometime in the near future, tech-savvy teenager Marcus Yallow finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and becomes a terrorism suspect. Suddenly his casual objection to being monitored— via his internet use, the school-employed gate sensors, and public transit fast-passes—becomes a critical, life-altering protest. But, how do you thwart the efforts of overzealous watchers without becoming as guilty of the invasion of others’ privacy as your enemy? Where is the line between public safety and personal freedom? This intelligent romp through the worlds of surveillance, code-writing,and internet communication also offers a compelling examination of the question: What will be the legacy of the young people who grow up in an age of high-tech “anti-terrorism”?

About the author

Canadian author Cory Doctorow, a co-editor of the influential? blog Boing Boing, writes columns for Make, Information Week, Locus, and the Guardian.?  A three-time Locus Award winner, and a Hugo and Nebula nominee, he was named one of the Web’s twenty-five influencers by Forbes magazine and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.