Salman Rushdie and Haroun and the Sea of Stories

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About the author

Salman Rushdie was born in British India in 1947.  His family, Muslims from the Kashmir area of northern India, moved to Pakistan when he was young.  As a teenager, he moved to England where he was educated at the University of Cambridge. 

Though his major works were written in England, they are mostly set in India.  In 1981 he had a major breakthrough for his novel Midnight's Children, which cast him in the international literary spotlight. 

The Satanic Verses

In 1988, he published the Satanic Verses.  This novel contained some alternate versions of events in the life of the prophet of Islam, which many devout Muslims found blasphemous. 

By 1989, bookstores selling the Satanic Verses were firebombed, book burnings were being held, and the novel was banned in more than a dozen Muslim countries.  A death sentence was proclaimed for Rushdie with a ransom offered to the assassin.  Translators of the book were threatened, attacked and even killed.  Understandably, Rushdie went into hiding for years.