Unit 1 - Lesson Overview

True Stories of Adventure

In this unit, you will study stories in their various forms.  Here is what you will be reading:

  • Thomas King, a master aboriginal story-teller lectures about the truth in stories.  
  • Olemaun Pokiak, nicknamed Fatty Legs, recounts growing up in Canada's arctic.  
  • Earle Birney tells a tragic tale in verse about rock climber David
  • Alex Honnold climbs the soaring Mexican rock of El Sendero Luminoso. You will read his own words and watch the video.
  • Joe Spring's account of a group of climbers fighting for their lives in a flash flood in Utah. 
  • Shannon Proudfoot follows four brave athletes who dare to row across an ocean. 

Start thinking about the elements that make for a good story.  Is it action, truth, engagement with audience? Something else? Keep these questions in mind.

Your short assignment for this unit is to complete a worksheet as you read through each tale. It is designed to keep you focused on what you are learning here.  Download it on the next page.

After the readings, complete the unit test.

Key Terms

Watch for these terms as you read.  They will be defined for you, but you will need to think about them and keep track of them.  They might show up on the test also.

story - an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment

narrative - an account of connected events; story

plot - the main events of a story

setting - the time, place, and atmosphere of a story

purpose - the reason that an author wrote a story or other work.  Purpose can be to entertain, inform or describe. 

tone - the attitude of the author towards the subject. The author's tone can be positive or negative, ironic or sincere. 

audience - who a story is directed towards and the set of assumptions that entails 

voice - the unique way that an author has of telling a story. Voice is affected by word choice, word order, grammar and punctuation. 

theme - underlying idea within a work which is not directly stated

Time Management for Unit 1

This unit is designed to take about 20-25 hours, but that will vary depending upon many factors.

Task Time needed
short assignment - worksheet for unit readings  1 hour
Reading content 6 hours
Adventure story project 12 hours
Unit test 45 minutes

Let's hope that you are excited, because it is time to jump in feet first!

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