Unit 3A - lesson overview Complete 3A or 3B

If you think about spies, what is the first idea to pop into your mind?  Maybe it is that they are stealthy, clever, avoiding detection.  A spy who is obvious is not very good.

So, if you were being spied upon, you probably wouldn't know it. However, if you were, you might want to find out who is spying on you and why they are doing it.  But, how do you outsmart a spy? 

That is what you can expect to learn in this unit. 

You will be introduced to George Orwell's Big Brother who watches over citizens in a frightening vision of the future.  You will then meet Marcus, a smart and determined high school student with a fondness for gaming and penchant for programming. When the US government starts to mess with his friends and family, this little brother decides to fight back by learning how to leverage the tools of his oppressors against them. 

You will start with a short assignment in which you are asked to consider how you know what is real and what is not. 

You will watch a video on current surveillance techniques being employed by governments the world over before you go on to read an excerpt from George Orwell's 1984. 

Next, you will look over the reading guide that you will work on as you read Little Brother.  Read over the questions regarding background, characters and language before you start.  There are chapter questions also which do contain some plot spoilers, so you decide if you would like to look them over beforehand or not.

Make sure to work on the reading guide as you read the novel.  It will take you much longer if you leave it until afterwards. Discuss the novel with someone as you go through.  It is best if you can find someone who has read it, or who is willing to read it with you.  Even if you can't, make sure to take the time to explain the ideas in the book to someone you know.  At some point, you will need to talk to your teacher about what is happening in the novel. 

Though you can't really do the main assignment until you have finished the novel, you can start thinking about your interests here. There is both a research assignment and a response essay. 

Time Management for Unit 3A

Task Time needed
short assignment - What is reality?  15 minutes
Reading and viewing content (with most of that needed for Little Brother) while answering questions in reading guide 18 hours
Main Assignment 5 hours
Unit Quiz 1/2 hour

Key Terms

Allusion - a reference made to another literary work or to a historical figure or event.  The title "Little Brother" is an allusion to the novel 1984 by George Orwell.

utopian - describing a perfect society

dystopian - describing a frightening society

characterization - the techniques used by writers to create believable characters.  In Little Brother, the main character, Marcus, is characterized as being smart and independent. 

YA fiction - Young Adult fiction is a genre that is intended to appeal to teenagers and young adults. Usually these novels feature young people dealing with contemporary problems.

Surveillance - monitoring the behaviour of people's actions and behaviours

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