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Jessica Stelkia - SD53 Indigenous Graduation Coach

I have really enjoyed working with senior students to help plan for transitions after high school. One of my passions is bringing traditional and cultural learning into our classrooms and sup-porting our future generations. I am grateful to have had the opportunities I have had in life to learn from respected elders, knowledge keepers, family, friends, and the tmixw. As far back as I can remember the vision of Senklip placing sticks in his eyes to stay awake through the night to be the first to the naming ceremony has stuck with me and ever since I have always sought out the messages and meanings of captixw. I am happy to have this opportunity to share one of our traditional Captixw legends with you.

Dan Stefanovic - Hatchery Operations Biologist, kł cplkstim Hatchery

We are a conservation facility that focuses on Sockeye and Chinook Salmon, where we raise and release fry back into the Okanagan watershed . Salmonids are a key species for First Nations and their communities. We will be diving into all these aspects with a presentation on “The past, present, and future” of ONA fisheries and the hatchery program. This will be a virtual presentation, and will be presented by Zeke Terbasket and Alfred Snow, two of our hatchery fish culturists.

Hope Fairservice - founder of Earth Child Essentials

I am a N hiyaw (Cree)/Metis woman of mixed ancestry including Scottish and Irish. It is important for me to honor all of myself and I use many traditional methods and ingredients that are not limited to my N hiyawak and Metis background. Currently I am a student studying to obtain my Community Herbalist Certificate and this is a large piece of bringing my dreams together.

Cody Kearsley - Actor, Director, Producer AND Jordan Waunch - Actor, Producer, Creator

Two former graduates of SOSS and now both working in the film industry in Vancouver. Join us as we talk a bit about our individual journeys in the industry, and our recent collaboration on Shadow of the Rougarou.

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