SCHOOL Enrollment 2021

We are currently on Christmas break!  We will not be processing any new registrations until January 2021. You can however, complete the first assignment available from the course list. 

Students in K-12 seeking full-time enrolment are encouraged to complete our online registration form. A representative from YouLearn will be in contact with you soon after to discuss your situation and potential enrollment. Please be advised that completion of our registration form does not guarantee enrollment.

Part-time students, either school-age or adult, seeking a course or two, are are encouraged to fill out a registration form and then complete the first assignment available in the courses list. We will be monitoring the registrations and will let students know as soon as possible if and when we reach our capacity.

Click on the Image Links below:

Every student must register for the CURRENT YEAR if you are starting NEW courses. Please FILL out a registration form (link above).  This is the first step.  

If you are  a K-7 or 8-9 student, please contact our office and we will make an appointment for you to meet with a representative to discuss your program. We will also make an effort to contact you once we are alerted to your new registration.

If you are upgrading, working towards graduation or taking a 10-12 course from us then please proceed to the INTRO ASSIGNMENT for each course.

If you are an international student, then please click the link for more information!

Please find your course in the COURSES LIST and then complete the first assignment for that course. Do contact us if you have any questions about the assignment. Please scan or take pictures with your cell phone and send us the assignment. You may also drop it off at one of our centres. After completing the assignment, you will be given access to the rest of the course. 

Once you have completed and submitted your first assignment, you will be issued a MOODLE login for your course. The login is an OPEN OFFICE ID which will allow you access to your course along with the suite of OFFICE 365 products which you can download and use for FREE while you are a student (or use them online).  Please give us 3 WORKING DAYS after submitting your first assignment for this to happen. Please contact us if you have any concerns at:  1-888-533-3830

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