Control measures to minimize or eliminate the potential for the transmission of communicable disease, specifically COVID-19, are in place at YouLearn. This site-specific plan outlines those measures and has been built in accordance with the Provincial COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines for K-12 Settings (Aug. 28, 2020), among other documents. This plan is a living document built on the understanding that traditional face-to-face instruction and the running of classrooms is neither a part of our current school programming or distributed learning in general. 

In addition to established safe work procedures and instructions, staff are expected to. . . 

  1. Be familiar with, and regularly review, the guidelines. 
  2. Stay home when ill or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. 
  3. Follow the advice given by medical professionals. 
  4. Continue to report any unsafe conditions or acts to the supervisor. 
  5. Notify supervisor immediately of reportable illnesses, including COVID-19 symptoms. 

General Exposure Control Plan Items/Protocols 

Booking Appointments 

Students are welcome at YouLearn. However, students are not allowed to drop-in to work unannounced. Teachers can invite students to work at any one of our sites, and students are welcome to contact teachers or support staff to make face-to-face appointments. In all cases, staff are expected to document face-to-face meetings on the school’s Student Booking Calendar. Please label off-site meetings in green. 

Staff needing to stay home due to illness are required to cancel student bookings or let the office know so we can do this on your behalf. 

Students with scheduled booking times are expected to stay home if they are ill or presenting symptoms and inform their teacher. 

School Entrances 

  1. Sanitization stations and protocol signage will be at the entrance of all schools. 
  2. Secretaries will welcome patrons, confirm they have an appointment, confirm they have completed a COVID-19 self-assessment and remind people that washing/sanitizing of hands is required prior to entrance.    
Entering the Premises 
  1. All staff/students/visitors experiencing illness, or COVID-19 symptoms, are required to consult medical advice and NOT come to school.  
  2. Prior to entering YouLearn, all staff, students and visitors must complete and pass a COVID-19 self-assessment. Only those who pass the assessment will be allowed to enter YouLearn. All others are required to seek medical advice.  
  3. Students, staff and visitors are required to wash their hands before entering YouLearn and are encouraged to do so when leaving. 
In-School Protocols 
  1. Physical distancing of six feet while in our centres needs to be maintained. In instances when social distancing cannot be maintained, protective barriers, masks and other PPE’s, such as face shields must be used. These devices are not to be used to ignore social distancing requirements. Rather, they are to be used as a protective measure when working within six feet is unavoidable, such as passing others in tight or congested space, or helping an injured student. 
  2. Good respiratory etiquette (coughing/sneezing) and hand hygiene is to be followed when onsite. Signs outline effective procedures. 
  3. Students and staff will be assigned a workstation/area and asked to minimize movement when working onsite. Stations have been coordained off with tape to help visualize physical distancing and boundaries.   
  4. Staff are expected to use the school provided markers once a student leaves the school to indicate workstations that have been occupied. Custodial staff will sanitize marked stations as part of their regular rounds (twice during the day and once at the end of the day). Staff are also expected to mark their station as having been used at the end of each day. 
  5. Students and staff are to bring their own materials, such as calculators, writing instruments and water bottles to reduce sharing/loaning of materials. 

Staff are asked specifically to. . . 

  1. Regularly review this document and our school’s COVID-19 folder for changes. 
  2. Reassure children about their personal safety and health. 
  3. Coach students and visitors (with age appropriate techniques) on YouLearn exposure control measures and expectations. 

Site Specific Information 

Secretaries at each of our sites will address and remind all students and visitors to complete a COVID-19 self-assessment before entering and assure patrons wash their hands or sanitize before entering the building. 

  1. Capacity – 9 students, 4 teachers, 2 EA’s, 3 secretaries, 1 principal 
  2. Staff Room/Kitchen Procedures 
  3. One staff member in space at a time 
  4. No eating in the staff room 
  5. If you use the kitchen to hold a Team/Zoom meeting you need to wipe down the space and flag it for custodians to clean 

Capacity – 3 students, 2 teachers, 1 secretary 


Student Capacity – 3 students, 3 teachers, 1 secretary, 1 principal 

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