is a Distributed Learning school that provides registered, school-of-record students with discretionary funds to spend on learning experiences. The intent of these funds is to expose students to activities and instruction that round out students’ education beyond typical DL programming (physical and online resources).


Applying to use SLR Funds

STEP 1 – Parent(s) collaborate with teacher on how best to enhance student learning through using SLR funds that promote instruction and/or activities which connect to the student's Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).

Examples of third-party courses/classes include piano, swimming, dance . . ..

STEP 2 – Parents complete a Learner Resource Fund Request, submitting all required information.

STEP 3 – Teacher approves request.

STEP 4 – Office approves request, notifies parent and teacher of approval, and contacts third-party service provider to request invoice. 


NOTE: request for courses/classes need to include the service provider’s contact information along with the number of lessons and the amount per lesson. All third-party service providers must pass a vulnerable-sector criminal record check from their local RCMP, submit verification to our office, provide proof of adequate insurance, and understand and agree to "their roles and responsibilities for student safety and security" (Distributed Learning - General, BC Ministry 2014), and submit copies of their COVID-19 exposure protocols prior to the start of services.


STEP 5 – Payment to providers will be made in two lump sums, October (round 1) and February (round 2).

The Funding Schedule

·      Full-time K-7 students registered by Sept. 30 are eligible for up to $600.00. A maximum of $300 is dispersed each semester, on October 01 and February 01. Students registering after September 30 and before February 01 will receive $300, dispersed in February.

·      Full-time 8-9 students registered by Sept. 30 are eligible for up to $50.00 per course to a maximum of $150.00 per year. Funds are dispersed in October and February.

·      YL School of Record Gr. 10-12 school-age students taking a minimum of four courses and who have been with YouLearn actively for three or more consecutive years can apply for up to $50.00 per course to a maximum of $150.00 per year. Funds are dispersed in October and February.

·      Additional funds for long-term 8-12 students may be approved upon application. Please send requests to

SLR Fund Details

1.     No money will be paid in part or full to parents/students. All funds must be paid directly to service providers.

2.     Service providers must agree to submit evidence of student learning to YL teachers, such as assessments and completion certificates.

  1. Purchasing resources to support learning is not the intent of this fund. Resource requests will be considered on an individual basis with exceptions not guaranteed.
  2. Non-consumable resource purchases over $100 remain the property of YouLearn and must be returned to the school upon completion of the program. Equipment, uniforms and supplies are not eligible.
  3. Dangerous activities, such as downhill skiing passes, due to liability issues, will not be approved.
  4. All SLR requests must be submitted by April 30, after which remaining SLR funds will no longer be available.

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