Introduction to Planning Process

Learning Journey Project

Your Learning Journey Project is a reflection of your personal educational journey. For this project, the form is as important as the content. You may wish to videotape a performance to showcase your skills, or you might write a reflective essay that captures both your development as a writer by telling the story of how your educational experiences have shaped you as a person. Your Learning Journey Project will be personal, reflective, and unique. Working with a mentor teacher, your project will take shape as you investigate what you've learned, and how it connects to the path you have set for yourself.

Learning Journey Choices

1.  Where do you want to be in the future?

  • Create a project the outlines the significant academic skills and character competencies you have learned in the past  that helped you get on track for your future career.
  • -  Outline what you will do in the future and discuss what skills and character traits you will be using.
2. Skill Demonstration
  • - Demonstrate a unique and special talent you have.
  • - Discuss your learning of this skill in the past.
  • - What will you do with this skill in the future.

3. Research three post secondary programs

  • - List the programs and courses involved.
  • -Outline program costs.
  • - List the benefits and disadvantages of each program.
  • - Apply to one of the programs.  If you have completed 3 courses at YouLearn, then our school will consider paying your    application fee.  

4. Research Scholarships

  • - Apply to 5 different scholarships
  • - Submit copies of your application to your teacher.
  • Portions of the Learning Journey Project ask you to use the online portfolio tool,  All of our students can access their Blueprint account by going to, clicking "School Login" and then using their SD53 email address as your username.  

Project Outline - PDF
Project Rubric - PDF

What is it?

A capstone project, also known as a culminating project or experience, or senior exhibition, among other terms, is a project that allows you to demonstrate your learning using an area(s) of interest as the basis for the project. Ideally, this would be an area that you are passionate and interested about and anticipate you will be pursuing after graduation. Upon the completion of Career Life Connections, you will design, assemble and present a capstone project to an audience to demonstrate personal learning and achievement (in and out-of-school), growth in the core competencies, and a reflection on the post-secondary plan.