Adult Graduation

At YouLearn, we encourage students of all ages who wish to complete their graduation to consider our program. 

Program highlights:

  1. Fully accredited courses recognized by the BC Ministry of Education 
  2. Completely FREE funded by the BC ministry of Education!
  3. We offer a streamlined, Adult Graduation Dogwood Diploma consisting of 5 CORE courses (see below): 
  4. We provide a Mentorship program where we pair aspiring graduates with a staff member that provides basic course selection/counseling, guidance and encouragement.
  5. You can start anytime, work at our own pace ONLINE and access online or in person.

NOTE: There are type types of graduation available for Adults who are 18 years or older - streamlined ADULT Dogwood or the longer REGULAR Dogwood.


Course Selection and Choices

Course Selection possibilities: 

Just wanting to Graduate

English 12:  English Studies 12
Math 11:  Workplace Math 11 Adult Stream
Note: Students can get credit for LIFE experience for the above UNDERLINED courses.


English 12:  English Studies 12
Math 11:  Foundations of Math 11, Accounting 11


English 12:  English Studies 12
Math 11:  Pre-Calc 11
Grade 12 Courses:  Anatomy and Physiology 12, Chemistry 12, Physics 12, Law 12

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