At YouLearn, we encourage students of all ages to finish their graduation! Completing your adult graduation has NEVER been easier with only only 5 required courses (see below). Adult students may also get credit towards graduation for their work experience, previous courses and family life experience. 

Program highlights:

  1. We are fully accredited K-12 school through the BC Ministry of Education. 
  2. It is completely FREE - funded by the BC ministry of Education!
  3. We offer a streamlined, Adult Graduation Dogwood Diploma consisting of 5 CORE courses (see below). 
  4. We provide a Mentorship program where we pair aspiring graduates with a staff member that provides basic course selection/counseling, guidance and encouragement.
  5. You can start anytime, work at our own pace ONLINE, and access online or in person help!

NOTE: There are two types of graduation available for Adults who are 18 years or older - the streamlined ADULT Dogwood or the longer REGULAR Dogwood (find out more)

Preparing for Adult Graduation

Here are some helpful services and links if you need to upgrade your skills before starting the Adult Graduation program. 

Preparing for Adult Graduation

Course Selection possibilities for Adult Grad. Program:

Just wanting to Graduate

English 12:  English Studies 12
Math 11:  Workplace Math 11 Adult Stream
Note: Students can get credit for LIFE experience for the above UNDERLINED courses.


English 12:  English Studies 12
Math 11:  Foundations of Math 11, Accounting 11


English 12:  English Studies 12
Math 11:  Pre-Calc 11
Grade 12 Courses:  Anatomy and Physiology 12, Chemistry 12, Physics 12

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