I studied mainly at SFU (Simon Fraser University) and have taught for almost 30 years now.  I have taught computer graphics & web design, all areas of senior science, all senior math courses and even music technology. I am a MAC guy - sorry PC (I like you too but not as much). 

Exploring/hiking, music performance/creation, writing, taking courses on science and ancient history, cooking, enjoying nature and personal fitness. I have recently "really gotten into" music exploration using modular synthesis techniques (a geeky thing). I love taking university courses - keeping my brain fit is extremely important to me and I have a natural curiosity about almost everything except for SOCIAL media (LOL). Please do contact me anytime for help or even just to say hi!

FAV BOOK:   The Seven Mysteries of Life by Guy Murchie - it took him 17 years to write it and it represents a fusion of science and philosophy which is fascinating. For example, consider this. During the year most of your atoms are replaced in your body. Over the course of 7 years, most of the cells. After those periods of time, are you STILL REALLY YOU?  Something to ponder!

  1. email: mderksen@youlearn.ca
  2. phone:  1-888-533-3830 EXT 0 or 1
  3. twitter: @youlearn_ca
  4. teams chat:  GOTO
  5. book an ONLINE tutoring session:  HERE
  6. my schedule:  HERE - Avail. Sept. 14

If you are contacting me for help, please always indicate the Course and Grade level and what you would like help with - screenshots or pictures of your work are VERY HELPFUL so I can see where you have gone wrong. 

  1. Anatomy and Physiology 12
  2. Business Computer Applications 12
  3. Calculus 12
  4. Chemistry 12
  5. Digital Media Development 12
  6. Earth Science 11
  7. Physics 11
  8. Physics 12
  9. Pre-calculus12
  10. Workplace Math 11 for ADULTS (19 or older)

Here is my 2018-19 Welcome video - Check back for a new one soon!

Welcome Video

Alright if you survived the above video and want more,  then I would like to share some of my iPHONE photography with you. I love looking at the world in strange ways as you will see from some of my pics. 

Taken with my iPHONE!  Use the controls on the pictures to move the slides forward (when you mouse over them). 

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