Hi Everyone,

I'm Jenn, and I teach Senior Humanities, Languages, and Social-Emotional Learning at Youlearn. I have been teaching for ten years, and about seven of them have been spent at Youlearn, in some capacity. I love teaching at Youlearn because of its creative approach to education. I enjoy connecting with students, getting to know their strengths/interests, providing them choice, and personalizing courses in a way that is relevant and meaningful for them. Please feel free to contact me and discuss your options. I look forward to working with you this year!


In addition to my passion for teaching, I have several interests, which include: reading, writing, hiking, swimming, (being outdoors, in general), yoga, physical fitness, cooking, baking, singing, and acting. 

FAV BOOK:   Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

  1. Email: jmacneil@sd53.bc.ca
  2. Phone:  250-498-7529 OR 1-888-533-3830 EXT 0 or 1
  3. Teams Chat: Chat with Jenn  
  4. Book an ONLINE tutoring session:  
  5. My Schedule:  HERE - Avail. Sept. 14

If you are contacting me for help, please always indicate the Course and Grade level and what you would like help with - screenshots or pictures of your work are VERY HELPFUL so I can see where you have gone wrong. 


  1. English Studies 12 (4 credit)
  2. Composition 11 (4 credit)
  3. Creative Writing 11 (4 credit)
  4. Literary Studies 11 (4 credit)
  5. New Media 11 (4 credit)
  6. Spoken Language 11 (4 credit)
  7. Composition 10 (2 credit)
  8. Creative Writing 10 (2 credit)
  9. Literary Studies 10 (2 credit)
  10. New Media 10 (2 credit)
  11. Spoken Language 10 (2 credit)


  1. Core French 11
  2. Spanish 11
  3. Core French 10
  4. Spanish 10
  5. French 9
  6. Spanish 9
  7. French 8
  8. Spanish 8

  1. Social Studies 10
  2. Explorations in Social Studies 11

DID YOU KNOW Shakespeare is responsible for over 1000 words and phrases that we use today?

Here are a few:

What are some words that Shakespeare invented? - Quora

The origins of several English idioms (or common, funny sayings) are quite interesting. Have a look:

Cost an arm and a leg

Meaning: extremely expensive

Origin: The story goes that this phrase originated from 18th-century paintings, as famous people like George Washington would have their portraits done without certain limbs showing. Having limbs showing is said to have cost more.

Let the cat out of the bag

Meaning: to mistakenly reveal a secret

Origin: Up to and including in the 1700s, a common street fraud included replacing valuable pigs with less valuable cats and selling them in bags. When a cat was let out of a bag, the secret was out. 

Flying off the handle

Meaning: suddenly becoming enraged

Origin: This one is said to come from poorly made axes of the 1800s that would literally detach from the handle. Yikes!

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