Testing Policy

YouLearn Assessment Guidelines

The purpose of YouLearn's testing policy is to maintain the integrity of our program while not putting an undue burden on our learners or staff. We place a great deal of trust in our students to act ethically and honestly in every aspect of their education, including assessment.

As a DL school, we have students who engage locally and remotely, are school-aged or adult, graduated or non-graduated. In addition, we have tests that are paper-based or electronic, cover a single unit of study (unit tests), several units of study (module tests) or serve as a final exam for the entire course. Therefore, we offer the following guidelines knowing that due to the variety of possibilities, there may be exceptions.

General Guidelines

Unless specifically stated otherwise, students are expected to write all tests independently without the assistance of other people or resources (print, electronic or online). Tests should be written shortly after the completion of the unit/course. Students must demonstrate adequate knowledge of the material to warrant an assessment.

YouLearn reserves the right to demand a student write a supervised/proctored test at any time.


1. Whenever possible, students should come to our centres (Oliver, Osoyoos, Keremeos) during open hours to write tests. Unless special circumstances arise, all tests will be completed in one sitting.

2. Where a student is unable to write a test at our centres, the policy below applies:

a. Full-time students in courses grade 10 and below must be supervised by a supportive parent/guardian/adult, and the student must submit a completed test invigilation form with their test.

b. Students in senior Science, Math, and English courses must write their final assessments at one of our schools or an approved testing centre*.

3. Adult learners are trusted to honour the guidelines set-out by their teacher when writing tests.

*Note - Not all courses have a final exam. Where the final exam is a provincial exam, the student must write at one of our centres or a public school near them.


An opportunity to re-write  a test is given at the discretion of the teacher. In order to qualify for a retest, a student must demonstrate further learning as directed by the teacher.

Discrepancy Between Course Mark and Test Marks

Where there is a marked discrepancy between assignment marks and test marks, or testing irregularities have occurred, the teacher may choose to have the student demonstrate their learning in an additional manner. Furthermore, the teacher may decide to alter the weighting of the tests as a result of the discrepancy.

*Approved testing centres include schools, libraries and professional tutoring services, such as Sylvan Learning. Please fill our our online Exam Invigilation Form for each YouLearn course requiring a supervised final assessment.

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