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The first step is to fill out a registration form!  Please make sure you do that before submitting any assignments!  Complete the REQUIRED student  COMMITMENT form so you understand our policies!

Next, choose the course your are interested in from the list below, and READ THE OUTLINE.   Click on the first assignment button to access the intro assignment for the course.  Complete and submit the first assignment to gain access to the rest of the course. 

If you need assistance in choosing a course, please contact us!  If you are an ungraduated adult, please visit our Adult graduation page for information on course selection and if you are an upgrading adult, please note that only the courses with an asterisk are funded. Finally, if you are an INTERNATIONAL student, then please visit our international page.

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Getting Started

  1. Registration:  First you must complete our online registration!
  2. First Assignment:  You must complete the first assignment for each course available from the links in the course listing below. 
  3. Course Access:  Once you have submitted your first assignment, your teacher will grant you access to the rest of the course. If you do not hear from your instructor within 5 days, please email us or contact the office. 

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