Active Living 12

YL Art Studio 10

This course will provide you with the foundations of visual art. 

You will complete 10 sketchbook activities as well as 10 extra sketchbook activities of your choice.

Your sketchbook is your own personal art journal. Please work in it as much as possible.

You will complete 3 Module-Based Units for this course. One will be Drawing and you will complete that module first.

The other 2 modules will be Painting and Photography.

You will also submit your own creative exploration assignment or a 'Final Project'. This should be something you are passionate about and it should be used as a way to express yourself. 

All work should be emailed to

YL Digital Media Development 12

A course dedicated to both 3D graphic design and animation using BLENDER.

YL Food Studies 12

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Textbook: none required